Becoming A Culinary Professional ( How to Became a Chef )


A Sound and through education emphasizing the culinary fundamentals is the first step to becoming fluent in the trade. Aspiring professionals will find formal training at an accredited include taking part in special apprenticeship programs or self directed courses of study. The process involves advancing from kitchen to kitchen by learning side by side with chef who are involved in the day to day business of running a professional kitchen. The goal is to ensure a through understanding of basic and advanced culinary techniques , regardless of the type of training received.

Creating a network of professional colleagues and industry contact is important future development . The avenue of growth that includes working with others, sharing information, and communicating regularly will help keep your work fresh and contemporary. An established network also make it much easier for you to find new position or qualified employees.

Learning new skills to gain a competitive stance and encourage creativity should be an ongoing part of your career development . Beneficial and rewarding opportunities result from attending continuing education classes , workshop, and seminars. Remain up to date with the following informative resources :

  • magazine
  • newsletter
  • instructional videos
  • website
  • government publication
  • books
  • Internet
  • LinkedIn Chef Network

and i want to add as well the point below,

  1. Go Get the knowledge
  2. Delegate
  3. The Customer is King
  4. Establish Confident in yourself
  5. Engage with your customer
  6. Never Give up
  7. Follow your ambition
  8. Have Passion
  9. Don’t shoot too high
  10. Have Some Fun

The attributes of a Culinary Professional :

  1. Commitment to service
  2. Sense of Responsibility
  3. Sound of Judgment

The Chef As a Businessperson

As you continue your career, you will move from position where your technical prowess is your greatest contribution into those where your skills as an executive, an administrator , and a manager are more clearly in demand. This does not mean that your ability to grill, saute, or roast foods to the exact point of doneness is less important that it was before. It does mean that you will be called on to learn and assume tasks and responsibilities that are more managerial , marking a shift in the evolution of your career.

Become a good executive are the individuals who develop a mission or plan for a company or organization. They are also the ones responsible for developing a system to allow that plan to come to fruition. As an executive, you must shoulder a large portion of responsibility for the success or failure of your establishment.

The Best administrators are those who can create a feeling throughout the entire staff that each person has stake in getting things done correctly. When you give people the opportunity to help make decision and provide them with the tools they need to perform optimally, you will see that easier to achieve the goals you have established on an executive levels.

( from Professional Chef 8th Edition )