Essential Buffet Guideline for Share

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Here are the list of Guideline for Making A Buffet.

Background Information
1.1. Buffet Design
1.2. Buffet Set-up
1.3. Buffet Management
1.4. Buffet Creativity
1.5. Quality and Availability of Products
1.6. Variety and Balance
1.7. Food Textures
1.8. Food Safety and Hygiene
1.9. Guest Safety
1.10. Food Labelling
1.11. Food Presentation
1.12. Nutritional Value
1.13. Professional and Knowledgeable Service
Food Categories and Product Standards
2. Food Categories – Minimum Standards
2.1. Cold Appetisers
2.2. Composed Salads
2.3. Salad Bar
2.4. Soups
2.5. Main Courses
2.6. Desserts
2.7. Cheese
2.8. Bread
3. Dish suggestions for Buffet
3.1. Cold Appetisers
3.2. Composed Salads
3.3. Salad Bar
3.4. Soups
3.5. Main Courses
3.6. Desserts
3.7. Cheese
3.8. Bread
4. Hilton Buffet Checklist
5. Approved Suppliers for Operating Equipment

Essential Buffet

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