We currently open an Executive Chef Position at the Shinta Mani Hotel , Cambodia

We currently have an opening at the Shinta Mani Hotel for an ambitious Cambodian chef to lead our Khmer gourmet operation. The current chef is leaving soon and has established the venue as the go to Khmer dining room in Siem Reap. The incumbent chef would be in a high profile position and be able to create his or her unique style of cuisine. This would be an excellent opportunity for a talented Cambodian national working abroad to establish themselves as a culinary talent in Cambodia.
Currently Khmer cuisine is in the limelight and has an excellent chance to be the next culinary hot spot in South East Asia, so this could be a great opportunity for the right chef,
The package is geared for a local Siem Reap executive chef with good medical and competitive benefits.

If interested please contact at <dor.sr@shintamani.com>

Regards, Dan Ivarie
Director of Restaurants
Shinta Mani, Siem Reap

#chefjob #executivechef #Cambodia #Shintamanihotel


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