First Post my insight how to became a Chef

How to become a chef

Am dedicated this blog for my wife Shinda Aprilia, my daughter Andagita vilnaira atha, my boy Ahmad Hikkal Zanovello . My Mother Sri Zulsyarini , my sister Intan tenri anka , my brother Ahmad Maulana , My Father Zubir Andi Kasim , My Step Father Dede Ahmad ,My uncle Nash Andi Kasim, My cousin Anto Noprianto, Bramanto Hudono, My former Chef Peter Tan , Chef Nathan Brown , Chef Tamer Shawky to all my best friend Andiman Tanudjaja, Jefferson Lim ,Paul Bayona , Bararenar Aring , Joko Ariya Bakir, Trisna Purbadi Sartono, and all that i cant mention here 🙂 because actually is a lot of . Thank you for being part of my life and career . Gratitude always for the share and everything till the point where am be right now . It will not be happen if not because of you all .

Hay folks, before we go to my aim target , share with you how to became a chef. In this time i will just brief of myself first  . My name Hidayah Anka . you can call me ‘ogie’. Am came up with this idea that after years do a Chef career.

Is been quite years and take a hard work , time and dedication to reach my position right now.

When i was a child, there is one program in Television . That filming the French cooking way a like.An the other person make great influence is  my grandmother, she was trully really a great cook, she can make me eating that i don’t like to eat before. 🙂 is quite funny though , as we knew toddler are very picky in food , but the amazing thing is when she start to take it and put it on my mouth , i feel really tempted with the taste.

I was not plan to became a chef before , but situation and condition lend me to practice of the expertise. As after high school i don’t have any support to continue for College, then my Uncle is the one give me the opportunity . There is scholarship for Food production and he asked me to try . Allah bless me with that opportunity and am gain for Diploma for a year. Been able to work with the company that given to me the scholarship . Fortunate for me that time am read news paper that will held interview with one of the Executive Chef from one of Best Restaurant in Dubai. After the interview i got it the chance and i found a way to finish the contract with before hand company, which is am been able to pay back some tuition . And my journey is begin and am move on to Dubai UAE.

From that point several years , am thinking that i should move to Five Star Hotel which mean will open more door of opportunity for me . After of Six continues month am apply my CV to every where . i mean really am determine with my thought , every single off am go to internet spend hours and hours just to seek ‘HR email address’ 🙂  for me to sent my CV. At last the day of my changing career from work in Restaurant to Five Star Hotel been grab it. Am got the job in Fairmont Dubai. Later after years of hard work now on am in The Palm Hotel , Turks and Caicos Caribbean. What i want to say is , be determine with your dream, and ever give up of anything , Pray , be humble , curious, and dedicate it to your family . Everything is a possible.

:):):) … continuously of what am.

Am kind of person that really like to find a good place to eat ,anything especially street food . My mom as well give me influence in cooking. And the journey as a Foodie lend me to become a Professional Chef like now a days.

In different continent and place am learn so many things, from Singapore to Korea, Dubai to Abu Dhabi, Seychelles and now am in Turks and Caicos Caribbean.

It was a long journey . !!!!!! it was tough, need a lot of passion , never give up 🙂

I hope this blog will give insight a perspective of what is ‘Chef” it is . with casual and none business a like , am sure we will have so much fun in a years to came . As i will post and share the credential information that is necessarily to young people have it to become a Great Chef and how to became a great chef

Ok i will put some of photos that will present of me .

( This is when am in Seychelles island , Cooking class with Micheelin star Chef )

( Seared Scallop from the cooking class )

( Sous Vide Lamb Chop aswell from the cooking class )

( Asian corner in Movenpick Dubai )

( Movenpick Dubai )

( Malaysian Satay )

( Moevenpick Dubai )

( Thai Cashew Nut Chicken )

( Greek Salad )


( Pla Talay  ‘ Seafood Satay )

( Mushroom Risotto )

( Buffalo Mozzarella )

( Spaghetti Seafood )

( Salmon Florentine )

( Seafood Laksa )

( In Al forsan Sport and Resort Abu Dhabi with Lobster Dishes for Asian Restaurant )

( Asian Buffet Moevenpick Dubai )

( Seared Scallop )


By Hidayah Anka

( Sushi Roll )


( Dessert )



This am post as well , some ideas about how to became a chef just for a glance and ideas of what it is.

How to became a chef from youtube video

And this one you probably interested as well , what makes a chef successful ? How to be a successful chef.

This the one i love it also ‘Gordon Ramsay’s Top 10 Rules for success’

  1. Go Get the knowledge
  2. Delegate
  3. The Customer is King
  4. Establish Confident in yourself
  5. Engage with your customer
  6. Never Give up
  7. Follow your ambition
  8. Have Passion
  9. Don’t shoot too high
  10. Have Some Fun

Ok , i will more post later with interesting topic , and for sure it will so much of fun. Cheers …… 🙂 ;;;;;;

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